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Crypto exchanges referral discount codes

Here are the referral links to crypto-exchanges with the maximum bonus that those exchanges offer. Just signup to the exchanges from these links and you will get a percentage-based discounts or signup bonuses!

Ref link Discount Code

Trading fee discount 100%

You not pay trading fee, it probably won't be forever.The campaign period starts on 1 August 2021 until further notice.This campaign is applicable to all AAX retail clients (except for API and bot trades), and the total amount of spot trading fees will be rebated into your spot account once a week, in the token you used to pay for your trading fees. More info Plus, when you trades over $10,000 and deposits $500 via P2P, Quick buy and sell, or Deposit crypto, you get $50 reward.

Trading fee discount 15% + 50%

First 15% is 75% of 20% referral earning and this dicount comes with this ref link. You also get 50% fee discount if you pay trading fee in BIX token. More info

Trading fee discount 10% + 25%

First 10% is 50% of 20% referral earning and this dicount comes with this ref link. More info You also get 25% discount for trading fee if you pay fee in BNB. More info

Trading fee discount 10% - 100%

Makers don't pay fee. Taker pay 0.3% As taker you get 10% trading fee discount from this ref link More info You also have a 50% discount if you pay a fee with QASH.

Trading fee discount 20%

Unfortunately, this discount is only valid for 3 months. More info

Trading fee discount 15%

This is 50% of 30% referral earning.

Trading fee discount 10%

Unfortunately, this discount is only valid for 1 month. More info Using CONI to pay for fees you get +10% fee and this discount is not limited in time.

Trading fee discount 5%

More info

Trading fee discount 5%

More info

Trading fee discount 30%

Get 30% off your fees when you pay with TRX

Trading fee discount 50%

You'll get 50% discount if you pay fees via WRX

Signup bonuse 50 USD

Just sign up this ref link and get $50 credits. This credit cashed back when you make a trade or transaction:10-25% of fees paid back to your wallet, until the credit is used up. More info

Signup bonuse 50 USD and trading fee discount 25%-70%

Just sign up this ref link and get $50 back and $5500 USDTest right after your first trade!.More info If you pay fees with GT you get 25% off. If pay fees with points take the 70% off

Trading fee discount 50%

You get 50% discount fee if you pay fee with ZB token.More info

$50 free bitcoin

Open an Okcoin account today, and receive $50 worth of BTC when you buy $100 crypto or more.More info

Signup bonuse 10 USD

Condition is trading $100 or more, you will receive 10 USD (or 10 USD equivalent of your domestic currency).More info

Signup bonuse 10 USDT

When a new user complete advanced ID verification and transact for over 10,000 USDT within two months, 10 USDT will be sent to the wallet of the user. More info

Futures Bonus 220 USDT

More info

Sing up Bonus 20 USDT

You get $20 just for signup via this ref link. When you signup you have a lot of bonuses in their reward center. For example, for first trade($5),for following them on social networks($5), and much more ...

Crypto exchanges discounts and bonuses

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